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Bad injector cup symptoms

Bad injector cup symptoms

This site has features that require javascript. Follow these simple instructions to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Coming up with an idea for a column is tough sometimes for someone with AMDD Attention Motor Deficit Disorder-common among people who can't focus on anything that doesn't have a motor.

So I started rummaging through old notes I'd taken when we first started Diesel Tech magazine. I had one harebrained idea way back then to catalog every common diesel problem I saw in the various shops we worked with. Then we could use it as a resource for reader letters.

However, with AMDD, that idea didn't last too long. It wasn't an issue of not coming across engine problems so much as the writing them down part. Regardless, I'd hate to see the idea go to waste. Somebody might get some use out of my brief spark of office busywork. The following are common problems with GM diesels, how to fix them and what to look for. Close Search. Subscribe now!

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So I started rummaging through old notes I'd taken when we first started Diesel Tech magazine I had one harebrained idea way back then to catalog every common diesel problem I saw in the various shops we worked with. Like what you read? Want to know when we have important news, updates or interviews? Join our newsletter today! Sign Up. Share Send to your friends! Your Friend's Name. Your Friend's Email. Your Name. Your Email.Discussion in ' Shop Talk ' started by rmllarue91May 5, Log in or Sign up.

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Welcome to HeavyEquipmentForums. Joined: Apr 17, Messages: Occupation: field technician Location: northeast pa. Can spin them but can't get them out. Joined: Jan 2, Messages: 2, Location: Australia. Sound like you've gone down the rabbit hole on this one. The only way I've found to get the left over bits of copper out of the grooves is with a selection of sharp seal picks and patience.

You do have the roller-expander to install the new sleeves, right? CmarkMay 6, Yeah turned into alot more than I thought Your right my brother got them with a super sharp pick I need to get my picks warrantied by the way lol I bought the old kit from eBay it has a drive in tool they called a swag?

Seems legit gave them healthy amount of loctite. I copper coated gasket hopefully I'll get lucky and it will seal. I'm thinking next truck I would like a isc I'm going to be buying a pre-emission medium duty truck just not a big fan of the 7 liter motors from cat. It's nice that I already have the software for cat. I seem to like them in equipment more than trucks? Thanks for replying I was getting nervous. Installing the sleeves is a two-step process.

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The swage expends the tip of the sleeve. The roller expander then forms the copper into the grooves at the top.Well I think I might have done it finally. But I am not positive After I run the truck and let it sit, I'll check the coolant and its low, but if I pop the cap and relieve the pressure the coolant level comes back up to almost normal. Can't the coolant caps cause some sort of issue that resembles head gasket failure? Or am I am idiot? Thanks dudes.

So do you ever have to add coolant? Or it just looks low and when you uncap it the level comes back to normal? Yes the cap can play games with you a little. I would just keep and eye on it and keep driving it till the hose stays hard over night a few times then just change them or if your worked about it just do them and get them over with. If its firm and can't squeeze it together there bad That's not true when the truck is hot the system is pressurized and the hoses will be hard no matter what.

That's not true when the truck is hot the system is pressurized and the hoses will be hard no matter what. X2 if when it's ice cold and the hose is hard you most likely ha e bad gaskets. After you let it sit overnight, it should not be hard. Which is what hes talking about My bad I misread what was being said Now is he checking this before he starts it in the morning or right after its started from a cold start. It was a little firm one morning and not firm the next. I got a low coolant level after being backed up a steep driveway parked overnight.

Symptoms of Bad or Failing Fuel Injector O Rings

So I filled it up to full. The next morning no pressure in the system, soft hose. So I decided to put it on kill and romp the shit out of it for a bit. The only thing that has me concerned is the low coolant message on the DIC :. I'm assuming if it was an injector cup issue I would have coolant in my oil no?

bad injector cup symptoms

This is full cold after sitting for 2 days, I'm squeezing as hard as I can on the hose :rofl: gmID8Ca7hG0 Love the sound effects :rofl:. This is full cold after sitting for 2 days, I'm squeezing as hard as I can on the hose :rofl: gmID8Ca7hG0 Yeah it's no where near that bad lol. Love the sound effects :rofl: I had to add them so you know how hard I'm squeezing :roflmao:.

That's the plan. I'm gonna baby it and if it stays good I'm gonna let er eat a little. If coolant disappears I'm gonna drive the truck off a cliff. I know the breather hole on the side of it can't be blocked or shuting the venting off. Someone on here just had great pics of a cap with problems and I can't remember who it wasInjectors leaking externally due to a cracked body must be replaced.

Once you determined that you have a fuel injector problem we would strongly suggest that you first read our back to back test of the various fuel injector cleaning methods. Fuel injectors are resilient and does not often need replacement. Before you buy expensive new or refurbished fuel injectors let us help you take care of your fuel injector problems.

Our OEM approved ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning service is the only injector cleaning method that can guarantee reliable results. If you ship your injectors to us for cleaning we will return your cleaned injectors back to you within 24 hours after we received them.

Symptoms of Bad or Failing Fuel Injector O Rings

We will not charge you for our time spent on the injectors we were not able to restore. Diagnosing a clogged injector is not always easy. They acts the same as a bad coil, a broken spark plug wire or a bad spark plug. A fuel injector is considered to be clogged if the amount of debris or gunk inside the injector or filter basket has built up to such an extent that it does not allow fuel to flow through. Once the injectors itself or the filter basket becomes clogged, no amount of intake or fuel rail induced injector cleaner will resolve the problem.

bad injector cup symptoms

The only and most effective way to deal with a clogged fuel injector is to remove it from the engine and have them professionally cleaned. Fuel injector flow rates, atomization and distribution are affected and this can cause all sorts of drive-ability and performance problems.

Although there is some quality fuel injection cleaners that might help to keep your fuel injectors in good shape the only true and tested way to clean fuel injectors properly are and have always been to do it outside the engine and with the proper cleaning equipment. This process is inexpensive and has saved our customers thousands of dollars.

In most cases, dirty fuel injectors do not have to be replaced with expensive new fuel injectors. Your old injectors can be reconditioned to operate at the same level as new ones. Leak in the actual injector body The injector cannot be recovered.

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Read about the Injector RX fuel injector cleaning steps. Leaking Injectors will cause: Increased Fuel Consumption Poor Idle Fuel odors inside and around the car Hard Starting Poor Emissions Oil thinning, which can lead to catastrophic engine failure Hydro lock, which can lead to catastrophic engine failure External injector leaks is a fire hazard and cannot be fixed. Clogged Injectors. Dirty Fuel Injectors:. Faulty fuel injectors:.

Clean Fuel Injectors:. Bad fuel Injectors:. Click here for shipping instructions or call 1.Having to choose between an expensive repair or operating at impaired efficiency.

However, a closer look at the problem reveals an interesting insight. Since the introduction of the 7. International pioneered the idea of electronically controlled diesel engines in pickups, which became commonplace on GM and Cummins diesels. Inside the injector, barely a thimble full of oil has the job of lubricating the piston, springs and o-rings. This oil is exposed to temperatures much higher than reported on your engine temp gauge. With enough time and heat, the oil breaks down and leaves a gummy residue on the inside of the injector.

This gummy, sticky, friction is called stiction. Frequently mechanics recommend replacing the injectors after the failure code is triggered. This is where the myth comes into play. While it is true that a replacement will solve the problem of an injector not performing correctly due to stiction, it is often unnecessary.

The logic behind this replacement recommendation would be similar to replacing a leaky tire instead of plugging it, especially when there are plenty more miles to roll on that tire. Why replace an injector that is designed to go 1, miles? The elements of an injector are well crafted and can perform for the life of the engine. It is the stiction that is causing the failure, not the malfunctioning of the injector elements.

While many drivers choose fuel additives to improve performance, the stiction that is causing an injector failure requires a Stiction Eliminator oil additive.

This is often counter-intuitive to diesel owners who consider the injector as part of the fuel system, not the oil system. Injectors require both systems to perform. A problem specific, high concentrate oil additive can remove the stiction and restore it to its original factory performance. Common symptoms of stiction occur well before your mechanic runs the diagnostics on your engine.

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If you are experiencing slow starts or bucking and chugging, especially on cold mornings, stiction could be building up.

If your diesel hesitates to accelerate or has been losing power, then you could be experiencing stiction. A steady and consistent drop in your MPG can also be an indicator of a stiction problem.

Search for:. October 10, The PowerStroke fuel injection system is designed for diesel burning vehicles. It uses a combination of the hydraulic injectors of old diesel engines and the electric injection system of gasoline engines to provide diesel vehicles with a reliable means of fuel injection.

The PowerStroke fuel injector is not without flaws; there are several ways to tell if your PowerStroke injector is in need of adjustment. Smoke is the easiest way to tell what is wrong with a PowerStroke fuel injector.

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White smoke is normal on startup, but excessive white smoke could mean a loose injector or low compression. Black smoke is normal on hard accelerations, but excessive black smoke means the fuel-to-air ratio is too high.

Black smoke can also be attributed to restricted intake or exhaust, or a leak in the intake hose. Blue smoke is normal when the engine is cold, but excessive blue smoke means the air-to-fuel ratio is too high. Blue smoke can also result from contaminated fuel or a plugged injector. If the truck struggles when starting or does not start at all, it could be a sign of a bad injector. If this happens during cold starts only, it is most likely due to a loose or faulty glow plug.

If this occurs during hot starts as well, it could be due to a multitude of issues, including a faulty oil pump, leaking injector o-ring or a computer malfunction. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. Blue Smoke Blue smoke is normal when the engine is cold, but excessive blue smoke means the air-to-fuel ratio is too high. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.Log in or Sign up.

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bad injector cup symptoms

Jun 26, 1. Started getting some fuel in my coolant which along with the smoke haze at idle leads me to believe one of the cups, or o-rings on them has gone bad. GumperJun 26, Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided.

There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Jun 26, 2. The cup is threaded on the inside you can thread the rod into it and slide hammer up and pop it out. If you have a set of calipers a long roofing nail with a big head will work for the injector tool measure it off at 3. Crude but works for the poor folks. The retaining compound only gets used below the lowest oring on the cup, not the orings, not the head, or any other part of the cup.

Clean oil on orings. Myself, clean oil is sufficient. Injector hold down bolts are recommended to be replaced when removed.

Fuel Injector Symptoms

If you never rebuilt Jakes it would be a good time to do that not real expensive just a little extra time. Barring tool makes pinning the flywheel a lot easier by yourself. Jul 5, 3. Oxbow and swaan Thank this. Jul 5, 4. Had to make a run to the Cat store miles away before going back together because several of the injector o-rings were broken. Some of the sleeve o-rings had failed as well. The retaining compound ONLY goes below the small lower o-ring?

GumperJul 5,